allegiantThis isn’t going to be a review, because I reviewed the second one and did a first glimpse at the first, so I’m trying to keep the mystery alive for those who have not read. For those people who are close to finishing it or who are reading it now/about to read it, I have just one thing to say. Read the last few chapters alone. Surround yourself with comfort and wait for the pain to begin. Because as amazing the trilogy is (and I LOVE every book and every piece of it) the last chapters will utterly DESTROY you (especially if you are/were as emotionally invested into everything as I was). You will cry, and scream, and beg for something different, but in the end, it had to be done and I commend Veronica Roth for the perfect ending that left hope and despair. It was the perfect ending to a great trilogy, and I am so sad that I’ve already finished them all (I started yesterday….this series will do that to you). So thank you for the best Trilogy I’ve read so far and for knowing when it was time for the story to end, even though I wish it hadn’t. Even with my nerves and feelings in tatters, this book and trilogy as a whole is a great one, and I wouldn’t change anything about it….even the ending.

Be Brave. Be Strong. Be Dauntless.


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