Teaser Tuesday


This week’s Teaser Tuesday is an excerpt from Stay, written by Kelly Mooney. It is actually a really good book, so if you like this excerpt please go out and read it for yourself. Enjoy and happy readings!



And I was scared. Maybe he knew something was wrong by the way I’d acted earlier, but I wasn’t sure. We always talked about our future together like it was a no-brainer, but for some reason that night he made me promise him that no matter what happened, or what went wrong, that I would come to him before doing anything that I’d regret. I wanted to. I did. I loved him more than anything it his world and I really thought long and hard about my decision. For the first time in my life, I lied to the only man I’d ever loved. And probably would ever love.

I lied to Luke Matthews. As he held me in his arms, his index finger slid slowly down until it reached my knee. He wrapped his strong hand, ”

“It’s nothing.” He took a deep breath and then exhaled, kissing the corner of my mouth, then the other side.

t taken his eyes off of me,so I held back the tears.

“I love you for wanting to try, but you can’t this time.”He cocked his head scanning my face for a minute before he spoke again.

“Is itschool? Are you doing okay?”I shook my head.

“School’s fine.”Luke grinned.

“I almost forgot.” He pushed away from me, shuffling over tohis desk, and rifled through a bunch o papers. He pounced back on the bed likean excited kid on Christmas morning. “I got something for you. Well, I did some investigation for you.” He held the manila folder over his head, making me reach out for it. “Before I give this toou, you need to promise me not to getall pissy.”

I rolled my eyes. “I promise.”


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