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veronica rothThis week’s Awesome Author Monday is….Veronica Roth! Veronica Roth is most known for the popular Divergent series which was fist released on April 25, 2011 with the last book, Allegiance, being released on October 22. 2013. The trilogy is being made into movies and Divergent will be in theatres on March 21, 2014 (insert hyperventilating fangirl moment here).

Roth is best known for her trilogy of novels: Divergent; its sequel, Insurgent; and Allegiant. It was released on October 22, 2013.

She is the recipient of the Goodreads 2011 Choice Award and the Best of 2012 in the category Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction and also Best Goodreads Author in 2012. Roth wrote her first book, Divergent, while on winter break in her senior year at Northwestern University. Her career took off rapidly with the success of her first novel, with the movie rights sold before she graduated college.

Roth has sold the film rights to the Divergent series to Summit Entertainment. Filming of Divergent, an adaptation of the first book in the series, was started in April 2013.

Veronica Roth wrote four short stories from Tobias Eaton’s point of view. The Transfer is the first of four short stories, which tells some of Tobias’s life prior to Divergent. It was released on September 3, 2013. The second story, to be released December 17, 2013, is titled The Initiate. All four stories will be released February 11, 2014 under the title Four: A Divergent Story Collection unabridged.

Veronica Roth is literally my favorite author right now (even though the trilogy utterly destroyed me. I wasn’t the same for like a week. #thestruggleisreal) She is an AMAZING writer and her books are so deliciously bad you’ll never want to put down, even with the kind of emotional torture that she will put you through. 



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  1. “even with the kind of emotional torture that she will put you through.” nothing but the true, even when you cry you can’t stop reading. Thanks for sharing my little fan moment on Divergent 🙂

    • its so true though. I couldn’t even wrap my head around what happened, even when it was over. I was like” wait, wait, this can’t be right!” but in the end, I understood why it had to happened (didn’t mean I agreed with it though) I just hope that this movie lives up the legacy the trilogy itself has created.

      • exactly like that, I think every fan felt like that, I was: “wow, what? why? why would you do that?” but when it became Clear that there wasn’t any coming back from that fact, then and only then you just go along with it. And let us hope the movies are what they promise to be.

      • yea. I’d hate for it to be like Twilight, where the books were great but the most of the movies sucked (cause the last two weren’t actually that bad) but I can’t wait for the movie, and even if it sucks, I’ll still watch them all and buy the movies simply because in loyal to the trilogy. Have you checked out the novellas Roth is writing from Four’s perspective? They’re really good

      • I’d only read Free Four, the others are on the waiting list. And yeap, let us hope that Veronica doesn’t let her books be “mutilated” by the movies like other series such as Twilight and the first of The Mortal Instruments. Even though I liked them in general, at the end much was missing.

      • with Twilight I truly only like it the first one, the others didn’t do it for me. But hey, like in everything they have their faithful fans.

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