Awesome Author Monday!


untitledSince I’m feeling kind of nostalgic today, this week’s Awesome Author is…Stephenie Meyer!

Stephenie Meyer is most know for the Twilight Saga, which was first published in 2005 (wow, that really makes me feel old). As many people know, the idea for the Twilight Saga came to her in a dream, and from there she wrote the whole book in a whopping three months. What most people don’t know is that it almost didn’t get published. Stephenie sent out 15 letters to publishers, five went unanswered (but they’re regretting that now), nine were rejections, and finally the last, sent to Jodi Reamer of Writers House was an acceptance letter.

Meyer’s two most famous books are the Twilight Saga (duh) and the Host, a book that has recently been adapted into a movie (holy crap guys the movie was soooooo freaking good! and the book is really good too.) Meyer also has some fewer known stories published such as Prom Nights From Hell and the graphic novel editions of Twilight Saga.

Midnight Sun, the companion novel to Twilight in Edward’s perspective was released onto the internet, cancelling the project. However, there have been rumors (and I for one hope they’re true) that Midnight Sun will indeed be published, but as of yet has not been finished. Meyer had out an indefinite stop to the project after the first 12 chapters of the manuscript had been leaked online, but promises her readers that sometime in the future, the book will see the light of day (lets hope someday soon). As of now, there is no due date or timeline to expect the book to be published, but after the movie the Host has been made, Meyer says she may start working on the long abandoned project once more.


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