Cassandra Clare announces City of Heavenly Fire cover being released in January!!


so Excited!!!!!!!! Guys, like I don’t even think you know how happy this makes me.

British Nephilim


Cassandra Clare just wrote a post on tumblr that has now turned me into a nervous wreck!!

The City of Heavenly Fire cover

Will be released in January in an interesting and unexpected way.




I am not ready! BY THE ANGEL!

So it is now time to start guessing!!!

1) Who do you think will be on the final cover of The Mortal Instruments series?

and 2) Where/how do you think the cover will be released?

Now we all remember the annoying Clockwork Princess cover release where we had to keep tweeting to reveal the cover. That was a very long night!

I hope it is not something like that again.

Can’t wait to see it but I am soooo scared about this series ending!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments or tweet us at @TMI_TID_UK @TMIScotland @TMIBritain

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