Book Review: A Shade of Vampire


I would like to start off by apologizing for my lack of activity, I didn’t purposefully neglect it just got caught up in senior activity.

17255435Anyways…so I posted a Sunday Spoilers about a month ago on the novel A Shade of Vampire, and honestly wasn’t too interested in the book until that sneak peek. But I was pleasantly surprised by what I read. A Shade of Vampire is drama filled as 17 year old Sofia Claremont is abduct from her world, and taken where even the sun doesn’t dare to shine; an island called, The Shade. Meant to be a homage to the waking Prince Derek Novak, something happens, the cold monster harboring the face of a model melts a little. Maybe it’s her beauty, or courage, or selflessness and sincerity that make something stir deep within Derek that hasn’t been there in centuries, his humanity. The bond between slave and master is strong, and as time passes, the line between who really holds the power over who is blurred. But things can never be simple in The Shade, for such beauty has a price, as obstacle after obstacle stack against them. When a surprise appearance enters Sofia’s life, she is left with a choice, stay and be with Derek, or return to the world of sun and continue the life she used to live. Love is never easy where vampires are concerned.







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