Vampire Academy


Before I start, yes, I realize that Vampire Academy is a pretty old series, with the first novel in the series being published way back in 2007, but I still adore it. Anyways, I recently watched the movie Vampire Academy. I wasn’t going to watch it at first, actually, I swore to myself that I WAS NOT going to watch this movie no matter what. Besides Harry Potter, I grew up (not really but hey, they took up seven years of my life) with this series and I didn’t want to have that ruined by the movie (*cough cough* like Twilight). However, my resolve broke (like I knew it would) and I downloaded and watched it last I saw him, I fangirled, HARD…like I had to pause the movie and calm myself down.

Now, the movie was as I expected, AWFUL. They changed the plot, left out some of the best parts and key details, First I want to say, that even though Dimitri Belikov looked nothing like the mental picture I had of him, as soon added stuff that wasn’t even in the book, and rearranged the order in which certain events happened. Add all that into a apparently small budget and bad effects and the movie pretty much sucked (hardy har har look.. I made a pun). The movie did get some things right, the scene at the end (my favorite one in the movie and the book) where Rose got her ass handed to her by Natalie and Dimitri begs Roza (*sigh*) to stay with him and admits his feelings for her, is one of the ony good scenes (if I’m being honest, the movie was pretty spot on with the Rose-Dimitri interaction scenes, that’s really all I liked about the movie).

I realize that this is not, in fact, a blog about movie reviews so why am I going on and on about I movie I mostly disliked? Because after watching the movie, I wanted to re-read (for like the 20th time, don’t judge me) the series. And I remembered how much I loved them. Richelle Mead does an excellent job writing a honestly original vampire series. There isn’t another vampire series that I’ve found that created a new world and new rules to the original role of the vampire. So kudos to Richelle Mead, for an extraordinary series. Everyone who hasn’t already read these books seriously need to give them a try, I know 2007 is a long time ago, but these are the kind of books that aren’t irrelevant to modern times and is a great read! Okay, I’ll stop ranting now lolDimitri-Belikov-image-dimitri-belikov-36366236-1024-536


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