Book Review: Pure Will



I realize I have been lacking in the book review departments, but I have been trying to catch up on my TBR pile and honestly hadn’t read a book worth writing about, until now. Pure Will, written by Kristi Pelton grabbed my attention and captivated me. It was a complex, juicy, drama-filled novel that I fell in love with from the very beginning.


Growing up without a mother, Camden never learned the rules of sex until introduced to them by a bad boy who took advantage of her innocence—breaking her.

Will spiraled into a world of darkness following an unbearable hurt…in turn using women and alcohol to dull the pain.

Two wounded people…coming together under awkward circumstances…healing each other…until the bad boy from Camden’s past finds her…

Does Will have the power to fight for someone worth fighting for?

Camden Biggs, the daughter of a professional baseball player…lost her mother at age 9. Eager to be loved, she fell in love with the hottest, bad boy she’d ever met at age 15, Max. Totally off limits and living under the same roof, she succumbed to his manipulations until he was forced out of her life—hanging on to a promise to only give herself to him.

Will Denton raised by a trailer trash father and a trust fund mother had a taste of both worlds and all sorts of women—especially when he dove into a world of darkness following a tragedy and loss of his own.

Camden, now a senior at the University of Kansas where she tutors the hottest, most talented athletes hides behind her outgoing roommate Kate—who is sexually active enough for both of them; Camden lives vicariously through Kate while still trying to heal her wounds from the past—until Will Denton comes home with Kate one night. Though he slept with Kate, he sets his sights on Cam.

Camden finally succumbs to the gorgeous eyes and body of Will Denton. And as Will is finally starting to tear down the walls that Cam has built over the years…Bad Boy Max makes a reappearance to reclaim what was once his

Okay, so from the very beginning, I fell in love with this book. It has everything you could ever want from a delicious, it has juicy drama, jealousy, vengeful, violent ex’s and horror-filled past that tends to get in the way of new relationships.

Camden doesn’t trust men, and with good reason. At just 15, she fell in love with bad boy Max. The only problem? Max was her step-brother. But that wasn’t the worst part. Max was manipulative, and violent; often times doing cruel and painful things to Cam and making her feel pleasure from it. Now Cam is in college, and doing well. Living with her outgoing best friend, Kate, she is well on her way to get her engineering degree.  But she isn’t really living. She goes to school, tutors her group of super attractive athletes, and goes back to her apartment, leaving all the partying and one night stands to Kate. Until Will. With Will, maybe she wants to try. With Will, maybe she can face her demons and finally be at peace and maybe she will finally be ready to let go and move on.

Will, a trailer trash baby born with a silver spoon in his mouth has had a taste of both the rich and poor sides of life. But after losing his little brother to the marines, and then have the call no one wants to receive about their family, he turned to alcohol ad women to soothe his grieving heart. All he wants is the next one night stand. Until Cam. Cam is different, even if she is does seem sad. Will Cam be his salvation?

Will and Cam don’t meet the traditional way. They meet after Will hooks up with Cam’s best friend, Kate. While Cam doesn’t necessarily shun Will, she makes it perfectly clear she’s not interested. But things change, and their relationship grows. When Cam’s past comes up to bite her in the ass, they see just how much their love can endure.

This book was fantastic and funny and romantic and at times sad. I would recommend this book to everyone needing their next literary fix. It’s drama filled without being too much and is never really predictable, it keeps you on your toes about what will happen next. This is a refuse to put down, quite your day job, and read through the entire night kinda book. I give this book five stars, whole heartily.


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