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So I realize that I have been more than slacking when it comes to book reviews, but that is because I have been working on a series, and rather do individual reviews fro the books, I figured I would just do an overall series review for all the books. A couple years ago I got into this series by V. J. Chambers that I really enjoyed. It was a paranormal romance, but it took a spin that I hadn’t read before. Anyways, long story short, I discovered recently that the author had continued the series and so I bought the missing ones and re-read the whole entire series. So, with that preamble out of the way, here goes the review, I hope y’all enjoy! The series itself is broken into three trilogies that all encompass each other, so bear with me, this could be a really long post.

Trilogy 1 : The Jason and Azazel Trilogy (or the first three books)

Book One: Breathless


What if the messiah and the anti-christ fell in love? Azazel is seventeen and sexually frustrated. Her biggest issue is trying to figure out why her seemingly normal boyfriend won’t sleep with her. Then Jason races into her life. He won’t say where he came from or who’s chasing him. He’s a delicious puzzle, a boy who has no problem using his fists to solve arguments or quoting Plato to justify his actions. Azazel is drawn to him. She’s obsessed with finding out his secrets. What she doesn’t know is that Jason’s secrets are entwined with her own town’s secrets. Her friends and family have conspired to use her as a pawn in a violent scheme. Soon, she will have to choose between protecting Jason and staying loyal to everyone she’s ever trusted. A story about forbidden love, fate, and free will, Breathless is Rosemary’s Baby meets The Da Vinci Code


Okay, so I really enjoyed this book! It was innovative and different. I had never read a book with this kinda spin on demons and the messiah and secret societies that basically run the entire world? Fascinating and soo interesting!! Definitely give this book an 8 out of 10!  

Book 2: Trembling


Lilith’s back, and she’s got her eye on Jason. Jason doesn’t think Azazel’s new best friend Jude is really gay. Someone put a bell, engraved with a picture of the sun rising over water, in Azazel’s purse. Azazel’s worried, but Jason thinks she’s paranoid. Jason and Azazel might be at the beach, but the clouds are rolling in. . .

This novel is all about how Jason and Azazel react to an environment where they aren’t on the run. Azazel starts having these “dreams” and drinks herself blind, yet the whole time being paranoid and refusing to believe that  they’re safe. Jason tries to forget that anything has ever been anything but normal, and while he’s worried about his girlfriend, he thinks nothing of her paranoia. This is the first book where Jason and Azazel both have to deal with jealousy and their relationship outside of danger. Overall, it was pretty good. It kept me on my toes, and you never really knew who to trust and who to believe. 8 out of 10.

Book 3: Tortured


Since she arrived in Italy, Azazel hasn’t been able to stop having nightmares. Sometimes her boyfriend Jason is covered in blood, grinning at her like a demon. Sometimes there is a gun in her hand, and she’s shooting the people she loves the most. The only way to stop the dreams is to drown them in liquor. Azazel can hardly concentrate on anything else. Not the library located in the Sol Solis School. Not the secrets about Jason’s origins they need to discover there. Not the prom. Not the fact that she can’t have orgasms. Azazel feels like black water is closing over her head. And she doesn’t know if she can breathe anymore.

So Jason and Azazel are on the run from the bad guys again, can you see the beginning of the pattern for the rest of the books? They go to this school, where they are supposed to be safe (there are a lot of places like this I discovered) but weird things are happening. Suddenly, all the ‘cool’ kids that hated them before are looking up to them, and waiting on their opinion to decide their own. Characters you thought to be dead make an appearance and broken off members of the Sons of the Rising Sun pledge to keep them safe with their life. Again, Jason doesn’t really seemed concerned, only Azazel is, when she is sober that is. It was a decent book, a little boring and drug out but an overall good story line. 7 out of 10.

Trilogy 2: The Jason and Azazel Apocalypse (books 4-6)

Book 4: The Stillness in the Air


The electricity went out months ago, all over the east coast. Due to her special powers, Azazel is employed by the government to help keep the peace as civilization crumbles around them.

Azazel, Hallam, and Marlena lead a rag tag group on a mission to get west and get help, but there’s someone in the way.


He says he still loves Azazel.
But she can’t ever love him again.

So the novel starts out with the readers not really knowing what had happened, but it is soon explained. Azazel and Jason are no longer together, and it has slowly been driving Jason crazy. Now he will stop at nothing to get her back, even hurting those who are trying to help her get across to where the electricity is. Azazel sees Jason again after years and tries (but mostly fails) to deny her feelings for him. Can she ever forgive him for what he’s done? Can their love survive this? I found this book a little random. I thought this series was originally just a trilogy and didn’t really like the suddenness of it (if that makes any sense). It was an okay book, just mostly jealousy and the readers get to see exactly what Jason and Azazel can do with their powers when on opposing sides. 7 out 10.

Book 5: Between the Heaves of the Storm


Azazel arrives at Jason’s community calling herself Joan, with no memory of who she is or what they’ve shared together. But Jason recognizes her, and once he realizes his powers of persuasion work on her now, he’s willing to do anything to keep her with him, no matter how macabre or immoral.

Kieran wanted to use the grimoire to purge Azazel’s powers, but instead he’s transferred them to himself, along with her memories. When he discovers the Order of the Fly wants to use him to control the world, he sets off to find Azazel, determined to return her powers and memory so that she can stop the OF’s attempt at world domination.

So this book really gets into the magic side of things. Azazel’s power has been stolen, along with her memories. She finds herself again with Jason, but this time, she has no idea who she is or what happened between them. Jason runs a compound now and is acting as his people’s ‘spiritual’ leader. He controls everything and uses his power to make the people want to please him (he now has his own harem) and work together. When Azazel shows up, he uses his powers to make her happy and love him (eventually he stops and she still loves him). But not all is sunshine and rainbows (that would be a really boring book). Kieran and his recently acquired lover are on a mission to make sure the power is placed in the hands of the right people. This book focused on Jason’s desperation to keep Azazel happy and in love with him, no matter how violent and crazy it makes him. 8 out of 10.

Book 6: The Last Onset


Jason wants to punish himself for all the horrible things he’s done, and so he’s been lying low and wallowing in his guilt. When he discovers that Kieran and Eve are threatening his son, Chance, he finds Azazel so that the two of them can stop Kieran and Eve.

Kieran and Eve, now in possession of Jason and Azazel’s powers, have the world in a chokehold. They see everything, know everything, and control everything. The only way to stop them is for Jason and Azazel to take back their powers.

But in order to do so, they must go through a series of tests, each pushing them deeper into their own darkness. If they get their power back, they run the risk of becoming the very evil they want to fight. But if they don’t get the power, Kieran and Eve win and Chance is lost.

This novel was actually going to be V. J. Chamber’s last novel for Jason and Azazel, but due to her reader’s demands, she continued writing a whole other trilogy. I personally really wished she had stopped with this book. She had everything nicely tied up and what I thought was a really good ending to everything. Loose ends were resolved, issues put to rest and everything as it should have been. This book could be a little hard to follow if you didn’t remember the little details from the other books. Was really disappointed when the other books came out. 7 out of 10.

Trilogy 3: Ambrosia

Book 7: Shudder


Jason and Azazel wake abruptly from their coma, their powers gone. But they are healing quickly, to the confusion of everyone in the hospital. A team of specialists comes in the middle of the night to whisk them away. When Jason and Azazel offer resistance, they are sedated.

They awake in a strange, institutional place that seems to have no exit. They are prisoners there, being filmed by an unseen presence. Others are trapped with them as well. Some have been there for years. No one knows how to get out.

Jason and Azazel may not have the ability to control minds anymore, but they’re still a force to be reckoned with. And if anyone can find a way out of this bewildering prison, it’s them.

This is where I think the series gets a little weird. Suddenly Jason is a half god and Jude survived by being kidnapped by the Sons of the Rising Sun (yea, I thought they were dead too). I just didn’t really get into this book. It was too random and inconsistent with the other books for me to really enjoy it They should have never continued this series. In this book, Jason and Azazel get captured and have to work with other nephilim to escape. They escape, Jason and Azazel fight, and we are back to the beginning of the cycle. 5 out of 10

Book 8: Falter


Azazel relishes the chance to be on the offensive for once. Chased all her life, fighting one enemy or another who intended to kill her, it’s nice to be pursuing the bad guys instead of running from them.

Of course, Jason doesn’t agree that they’re bad guys. He doesn’t think they have the right to make moral judgments like that. Not after all the horrible things they’ve done. He chooses to stay home and get to know his son, Chance.

Jason spends his days playing with Chance and going to parent-teacher conferences. Azazel spends hers hunting down and killing people who sell Nephilim blood. Jason tries to pretend he doesn’t long for a life of action, but deep down, he misses violence. He craves it.

The strain of domestic life is getting to Jason.

It won’t be long until he snaps.

So Azazel wants to fight what she believes are the bad guys and Jason just wants to try to live a normal life. This plot remind you of anything? It’s basically the second book but with a few add-ons. Jason thinks they are out of danger and wants nothing to do with Azazel’s mission to purge the world of the evil vampires. When Jason refuses to help, its back to her and Jude being BFFs and partners in crime. It’s a good book, its just predictable and redundant. 5 out of 10.

Book 9: Gasp


Azazel vowed never to tell Jason that she and Jude accidentally ingested the aphrodisiac and had sex, but now she’s pregnant with Jude’s child, and she can’t keep the secret from him anymore.

Jason never intended to harm any other redheaded girls, but he finds himself compelled to stalk them and capture them. He can’t let anyone find out.

But Imri knows Jason’s secret, and he also knows that Azazel’s unborn child is powerful–too powerful to be allowed to live. He will do everything he can to get at that child, no matter what he exposes, no matter who he destroys.

And despite their pain and confusion, Jason and Azazel must rally together to protect this child. Because no matter what, two things are true about them.

Their love cannot be broken.

And they will always survive.

This book was like all the other book plots crammed in one. Azazel is in danger and Jason will stop at nothing to protect her. There is a baby to keep safe from a man who wants it dead, and their friends are dying left and right. Jason is holding on to his sanity by a thread for Azazel and Azazel is trying to once and for all purge him of his guilt. Was actually a pretty good book. While the plot was familiar it was ended nicely and I’m glad that the series is over. They are complex conflicts and the struggle between what is right and what Jason will do to save the one thing he loves above all; Azazel. 7 out of 10.


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